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2012 Wizard World Philly Comic Con: My Favorite Costumes

So we’ve established that yes, the 2012 Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con was awesome. One of my favorite parts of any convention that I’ve ever attended are checking out all of the great costumes or cosplayers, if you will. Since we were press so we had a lot to do I didn’t get as many shots as I otherwise would have. However the pics I did get I am definitely jazzed about.

Excellent Loki Cosplayer with Mary Miracle, photo by Donna Allis

The Loki was attractive and menacing, a perfect combination!

Donna Allis with Harley Quinn Cosplayer by Mary Miracle
Mario and Luigi, Donna Allis (left), Mary Miracle (right), photos by Mary Miracle and Donna Allis

Mario and Luigi were both in attendance? We both had to get in on that.

Cosplayers by Mary Miracle

When I saw these four lovely ladies I jumped in on a photo someone else was taking but they said it was okay.

Poison Ivy and Mary Miracle, by Donna Allis

The next day I asked Poison Ivy for another photo because her costume rocks!

Captain America Cosplayer with Mary Miracle by Donna Allis

This Captain America in the in the original costume before Captain America becomes famous was excellent!

1980’s Joker Cosplayer with Mary Miracle by Donna Allis

This dude was doing Nicholson’s 1989 Joker. Even better was he was in character!

Star Wars Cosplayers and Mary Miracle by Donna Allis

When I find a group of young men with light sabers I can’t help myself.

Donna Allis in the Tardis

For someone who doesn’t watch Doctor Who, Donna was unnaturally attracted to the TARDIS.

Press passes to the convention were provided to both Donna Allis & myself gratis from the awesome PR team at Wizard World.